That’s me


I am Luis Manuel Rodríguez Picarzo, known everywhere around the World like Whatakuai (or Whataka, Whatakui, Whataki and so…).

This is me when I had more hair…

Captura de pantalla 2011-11-24 a las 12.30.49


This is me staring at you (but minding my own business….)



Me smiling with all my teeth (I don’t like drugs, smoking or alcohol, but I enjoy Life sure!)…



Me looking for a girlfriend…



And me dancing “happy” inside my mind…



And I also love dogs! Walking, knowing people, breath natural enviroment…


Oh, she is Flor. Isn’t she polite and cute?

I also have a Mum and 3 sisters. Yes, a lot of women in my family. Sometimes I need male understanding so when I am stressed I can chat with my friends (male). We are the champions.



Why was I telling all of this things…?  Ah yes… because I LOVE CHATTING!

I am a Mechanical engineer and a Designer (Master en diseño de productos y fabricación por la Universidad Jaume Primero). I work as a freelance and when I finish my work I love to design 3D printable stuff and share it on this web. I also love electronics so Mechatronics is my hobby as programming in different languages like C or Javascript.

Furthermore I sell a lot of stuff because I am good at looking for people necessities, so I manage a mini business here in my city. Moreover I control the cleaning and the setup of a bar here in the Center of Málaga (Spain), my city!, It should be ready and organized for a lot of people!

I am good at Naming for any business, and I am a profesional 2D Logo designer in Adobe illustrator.

Creativity + positive energy + initiative + humor + hard work form my flag.

I love travelling! Europe is mine, I know a lot of countries here!, now I want to conquer or AMERICA or ASIA but no one knows if one day I will work in Africa or Oceania.

Finally I want to say that I work as a math teacher 5 hours a week and I love work together, work with people, design a project between two or more! Love cooperate and share opinions and ideas. If you want to chat about anything, you are welcome here in Málaga,Spain!

Sometimes I am not perfect and I can have little defects but always could be worse so… If someday I had a son I would say whispering: