Imagine that you only have to plug some servomotors in an Arduino and you can control them from your smartphone, without coding and in the easiest way in the world… ¿Are you thinking about a project that you wanted to do but didn’t know how? ¿Are you thinking about all the things you can do controlling a servomotor easily?

Do you need to control easily some servomotors from your Android Smartphone? Ok, this is your APP.

I created Six Servo Controller Android APP. With this APP and without effort you can control up to 6 servomotors and create and save up to 2 movements with 8 positions controlling lot of parameters like repetitions, speed between movements, between individual positions, between individual movements, etc…

What do I need?

First an Android Device.

With your smartphone or tablet Android (with Bluetooth) you can download it from the Google Play Store. Install It and check it’s aspect. It will take 2 minutes.

Second an Arduino, a bluetooth Module and Servomotors. 

Ok, you only need the Arduino board you want (I like Arduino Uno) ready to connect the Servomotors from DIGITAL PIN 2 to DIGITAL PIN 7 and a Bluetooth Module (so cheap in lot of shops, write me to if you need an Arduino Board or a bluetooth module or whatever about electronics and I can sell it cheap!) connected to the 5V, GND and RX and TX pins. If you are not sure how to connect bluetooth or servomotors, please visit and get into the instructions section.

I really recommend to use a Sensor Shield V5 for connecting Servomotors and a Lipo Battery to power them.

Third the Arduino Sketch (and your imagination)

You only have to upload the code to your board and it is ready to use! Connect a LED to pin 13 if you want to switch it ON and OFF too!

If you don’t know how to upload a code to an Arduino Board, please visit and learn about it.

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Bluetooth Connection

This APP uses the Bluetooth Connection I explained in my other post. This is powerful and simple to use. Easily you can Switch your bluetooth ON, pair any smartphone or tablet and connect to any Android Device with bluetooth included. Bluetooth is a good and cheap technology to control any device.

It shows you when you are connected and ready to control your Arduino, with the ON/OFF indicator.

Up to 6 Servo control

By clicking on any Servo button, you choose the servo you are going to move. Servo 1 uses Arduino pin 2 and Servo 6 uses Arduino pin 7. The Active servo button turn to Green, and you can change the Servo Button Name by holding Servo Buttons, here you can see it:


You can set the servo speed with the Speed Slider or write the Speed value in numbers, and press the + or – button to activate your servo depending on the movement you need, or you can also write the exact angle you want your servo to move.



Switch ON and OFF a LED or digital output:

When you click on “Switch On the Light” button (you can see it in the APP image below) the PIN number 13 turns ON and if in this PIN a LED is connected, it will turn ON! You can use a Relay Module or whatever you can switch ON and OFF! The button color shows you if it is switched ON or OFF.

Up to 2 movements, 8 positions each movement and lot of parameters

You can save up to 2 movements in your Arduino EEPROM memory, and easily adapt your code to save them on a SD card! Each movement has 8 positions (please, if there is an empty position and it is the first time you use your APP, delete them, don’t start the movement without saving 8 positions or deleting empty positions).

You can set the name of your movement, set the speed of each individual position, set the delay between individual positions to reach the whole position, and the delay to next position saved. You can also delete positions of course, and set the repetitions you want and the delay between repetitions.

Here you can see two images:


So the app is fully made with APP Inventor and if you need the code, please write me a message to . It is completely free and Open Source, but I want to control the people who are interested on it.

In conclusion, this APP is:

Easy to use


*I am receiving more than 10 emails day by day asking me for the .AIA file (the Android APP inventor source). Now you can get it by buying it below. The download will start automatically after the payment:

Thank you for supporting.