Who doesn’t like things?…

And who doesn’t like the Facebook “like” button?

I present the iLike Stamp, a stamp for people who like things.

iLike Stamp

iLike Stamp


It is designed to be 3D Printable, easy to assemble and funny to use.



iLike first step


First put some glue on the stamp surface


iLike second step

iLike second step


After that, use a rubber to generate rubber mini dust and stamp the  stick the dust.


iLike stamp last step

iLike last step. Enjoy!


Now, you only have to enjoy!


Do you want to buy it? It comes with a nice (surprise!) box and the ink.

Donate 12€ or more with the message “Buy iLike” and you will get one!

Note: If you are from Spain, you could buy it from 9€ , due to shipping cost savings

If you want source STL files, you can go to my Thingiverse profile and download them!


iLike sumary

iLike Sumary