I present Whatakuai Handwriting:

Whatakuai handwritting2

It is perfect for some graphic design for children, and some lovely letters or a work for the typical old teacher who doesn’t notice it’s a digital letter!

Whatakuai Handwritting

It has a lot of special characters, overall Spanish ones. For example, á, é, í, ó and ú, ñ, ç, ¿, & and more!

It is one of the most complete handwriting fonts for free on the internet and the most realistic child (male) handwriting for sure.

You can even download a special version (called Whatakuai) with a wider stroke more specific for short phrases and titles, or another graphic design style. (It lacks some special characters)

whatakuai font example

Handwritting by Whatakuai font:

Handwritting by whatakuai

Whatakuai font:

Whatakuai Font

You can download them here:

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Enjoy them!

(please, ask for commercial use)