I was looking for an Open Source robotic Arm, with a dynamic control, and funny to use and to assemble, and resistant, easy – programable, smartphone-controlled, “3D” printable, cheap, nice to see (not an ugly and typic robotic arm), eco-designed, versatile and more…

IT DIDN’T EXIST, till now

I just designed Armdudroid, an Open Hardware and Open Software Arduino-Android controlled via bluetooth, eco designed, cheap, funny, “3D” printable, versatile and so cool robotic arm!


Armdudroid – Arm Yourself

Open Source and FREE

Armdudroid is fully designed with an Open Source program called Sketchup. This program is easy to use, powerful, Open Source and Free (like this project), with lot of documentation on internet, lot of Ruby Extensions for different uses… and more advantages! These are the main reasons to use this 3D design program!

Armdudroid Pre Design

Armdudroid Pre Design

Armdudroid in Sketchup

Armdudroid designed in Sketchup

Isn’t Armdudroid the coolest robotic arm?!

You can Download and modify the .SKP (Sketchup) file and download the .STL (Printable format)  in the Armdudroid Web, in the Thingiverse page or by clicking:


3D Printable

All the Armdudroid pieces are designed to be easily printed with a domestic 3D printer, like my Solidoodle 2nd gen, or other printers like Prusa Mendel or Makerbot Replicator. Any piece is bigger than 14cm in any axis, and you will not have to use Support Material in any case.

The software I recomend to use is Repetier Host + Slic3r and the lightest and the most resistant material is ABS.

Desktop 3D printers are day by day more common in the world, cheaper, powerful, easy-to-use and definitely better and better! So… if you get one, please PRINT ARMDUDROID and ENJOY! Learn Robotics while having fun!

This is how a 3D printer works:


Download Slic3r Light Config Solidoodle

Download Slic3r Heavy Config Solidoodle

The easiest and funniest to assemble robotic arm


Learn and Enjoy!

Learn and Enjoy!


Armdudroid intends to be easy to assemble but amazing and dynamic! All the pieces fix perfectly with the servomotors, other pieces and the M3 screw! Check http://www.Armdudroid.com/ and go to instructions section for more info!

Agile, Zappy and Strong!

Inside Armdudroid there are 5 or 6 servomotors, depending on the plugin style (what is a plugin?!  continue reading… It is the last feature!) His gears make his shoulder stronger, a torque near 20Kg·cm, wow! And even make the base rotate 360 degrees!  Normaly servomotors can rotate 180 degrees maximum, and Armdudroid “wear” Towerpro MG996R or Towerpro MG995 servomotors, with a torque of 10Kg·cm at 6V. Here you can see what a servomotor is:


Servomotor MG996R


This is the inside of a servomotor:

Inside a servomotor

Inside a servomotor


This are some of Armdudroid measures and DOF:

Basic Measures

Basic Measures

Basic measures from top

Basic Measures from Top






Arduino Heart


Arduino Uno

Arduino Uno

Arduino, the heart of Armdudroid, the main Electronic component, an Open Source and Open Hardware development board, with an easy programming language similar to C, it’s own programming environment, with lot of info on internet, easy to use, cheap, small… I LOVE ARDUINO, and with it you can do whatever your imagination create…!

Arduino just with a Sensor Shield V5, a Bluetooth module, an UBEC and a Lipo Battery just moves the servomotors precisely and so fast! The electronics are small and powerful and they are easy to assemble:

Sensor Shield V5

Sensor Shield V5


Bluetooth Module


UBEC Turnigy

Lipo Battery

Lipo Battery

Servo Connection

Servo Connection

Battery Connection

Battery Connection

Bluetooth Connection

Bluetooth Connection


Do you want the Arduino-Armdudroid code? Ok, it is free! Download it here:

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Android (and iOS soon) controlled!

So… how to control Armdudroid? With an Smartphone! Do you know a better way? Everyone (who likes Armdudroid) has a smartphone, so for now I designed Android Six Servo Controller APP, for any robot with six servo or less and for any Android device with bluetooth. Check the Six Servo Controller post and Download the app! Or download it on Play Store!

Here you can get the Android source of the app (App Inventor .Aia file, by buying it. The download will start automatically after the payment:

Thanks for supporting.

It will be soon for iOS devices… This is my next goal.

The revolutionary Plug-in System

A robotic arm needs to be versatile… Why only have 1 tool? I designed a perfect plugin system for this robotic Arm…check it!

It is easy to change, fast to print and rigid! 

There are 3 plugins ready to use just to start with Armdudroid. Users will design the rest of plugins depending on their necesities!

Standard Servo Gripper

Standard Servo Gripper



Download Plugin Support

Download Plugin Base

Download Standard Servo Gripper

Download squared Spoon

Download Digger

In conclusion, this is the project I presented to get Honors in Mechanical Engineer Degree in Universidad Politécnica de Málaga, so I love Armdudroid and people love it too!

This was my Prezi presentation:


Note: You can be one of the first people to get Armdudroid. If you want to get the mechanical+electronics with shipping included and support this project, please click the button below:

Shipping can take about 3 or 4 weeks. You only can buy it through this web, my personal webpage.

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Thank you very much!